Running Logware III as a service

I have read through the LogWare III manual and it appears that there has been a software update since the manual was written. In Section 3.4 which pertains to the Misc tab under Options, my software as a lot more options than what the manual lists. 

Specifically, the option to "Run Logware III as a service on this computer" (or something similar, I don't have it in front of me). What does this functionality do? Does it allow me to run Real-Time datalogging without having to have the client open? Because that would be awesome if so. 

Sadly the documentation is not terribly clear on how to log data as a system process without having to have an active client open at all times which is problematic on our servers where us lowly software users have zero access to remote into the servers to restart the client in the event of a server restart. 

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