Control Charts



I've been thinking about implementing some control charts in Met/Team.


I found this application note:


But this seems to be quite old - I was wondering if there is anything newer.


Still - I have had a stab at this.  I've updated some of our procedures to add TSET TSTEP tags with values of ["cc-" & description].  I have also identified and applied tags to historical measurements performed with the same revision of the procedure, so I have some data to view.


I worked out how to query for control chart points via SQL, and stuck this into an excel macro.  The sheet prompts the user to select the desired asset from a dropdown of all assets with control chart data, then to select the control chart point from a second dropdown.


Then the control chart data appears, and shown in a scatter chart with a best-fit line, and error bars corresponding to the expanded uncertainties of the measurements.


I am finding some points where the UUT value has a unit prefix of m, and the SystemAccuracy has no unit prefix.  Any advice on a more suitable selection of fields to choose would be gratefully received.


I have attached my Excel file (


), and would appreciate any suggestions for making this better.  If anyone would like to collaborate on this please get in touch.




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