1620A Binary Data Format

Does anyone know how the binary data from the 1620A "DATA:REC:READ?" command is formatted? Having a hard time decoding the data since it is not in utf-8 text format. Any help is appreciated.


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James Steeds

DATa:RECord:READ? []
Reads a block of data from memory.
Example: DAT:REC:READ?
Response: ,#11
The parameter is optional and defines the group size (number of bytes)
to read from memory. If not specified, 256 bytes is used as the default group
size. The response to this command consists of the number of bytes of data in
this response (), followed by a marker (#11), followed by a string of bi-
nary data (). The number of bytes in the portion of
the response may be anywhere between 1 and bytes (256 if is
not specified). Use the DATa:RECord:OPEN? command to determine the exact
number of bytes in the open set of data.


Scott Timpe

Thank you James, however, I am not looking for the format of the response. What I was asking for is the format of the binary data itself, which is the portion of the response that comes after the #11 marker. This data needs to be decoded into a timestamp and the values of the readings somehow. The question is how. When you print the data through the 1620A itself, it gives you the option to print the data in Text format. However, the data read using the SCPI command is in pure binary. Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

Mirko Ortolina

Hi Scott, interesting question. Same as mine. Would test myself to see what´s the binary output and if it can be parsed ...

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