SELECT FROM PROC.DIR not showing selection window

MET/CAL Runtime Version

When we click on the "SELECT FROM PROC.DIR" lookup at the bottom of the screen, the window is created, but appears to be blank and minimized.

If we then select the blank minimized "Procedures" window on the task bar and select "Maximize" , then the window opens correctly and we are able to search for a procedure.

It will then continue to work as normal until the application is restarted.

This issue appears for the second user created on the PC system.

The original user of the PC does not have this issue.

It is not specific to a METCAL/METTEAM account user, but is specific to a windows account user.

Both windows users are in the Administrators group.

Both windows users have sysadmin rights in the SQL Server database.

Both windows users have full rights to the procedures directory in the location: c:\ProgramData\Fluke\METCAL\Shared\proc\sample 



Rob King


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Chad D.

Hi Rob, I am going to create a tech support ticket for you on this issue. The team should be in touch soon.

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