Using two calibrators in one procedure

Is it possible to create one procedure that gives the operator the choice between two different calibration standards? For example, When running a Fluke 45 allow the operator to choose between a 5520 or 5720+5725.  I combined the two procedures but when Metcal runs it checks to see if all the standards are present. If I am using 5520 it says it can't find the 5720 (because its not connected) and will not allow me to proceed. Is there a way to delay the checking of a standard until after the operator selects which standard will be used for a particular cal? Or perhaps some other way to approach the problem?


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Michael J.

Hi Tim,

The only way to prevent MET/CAL from looking for a standard that is referenced in a procedure is for it to be called in a section that is not selected in a sectioned procedure.

So, you could create this as a sectioned procedure such that the technician selects the section for the calibrator they have and leaves the other unselected.

There are some things that make this a nonideal solution, but it's currently the only way to have a procedure conditionally not look for a standard.

Tim Sheldon

Thanks Michael,  I will probably go with the more traditional route to avoid any problems.

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