Metcal 7.2 installing - VISA Driver does not work

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience
with needed Visa and other drivers after installing Metcal 7.2 on Win7 &
Win10 ?? If I open a procedure with visa commands in Metcal Editor, editor crashes instantly.

I allready instaled NI-MAX, NI-488.2 and NI-VISA



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Rene Buske


VISA was Beta in V7.2.3 and first in Version 7.3 it was really stable. So you need mminimum for Beta:

Fluke Metrology Software 7.2 SP2 / MET/CAL 7.2.45 (7.20T)
Released: 2009-06

and better for working system:

Fluke Metrology Software 7.2 SP3 / MET/CAL 7.2.51 (7.20Z)
Released: 2009-10

also I can remember the Version of VISA needs 32bit and newest versions makes trouble


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