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I have my LogWare III communicating and logging through my Fluke 1620A the 1620A is set to degrees F which is what I want and that is determined when I start a new logging session, again....all good.  But....when I view the data on my PC the units are in Degrees C even though the logger is indicating degrees F.    I looked everywhere (obviously not everywhere) and I cannot find how to set the views graph and text data in degrees F.    How do I change that?  

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Roger W.

There are two places to change this, depending on where you are viewing the data.  When you setup the log session, there is a pull-down menu labelled "Temperature Scale".  It defaults to °C, but you can use the pull-down to select °F or K.  This will change your Real-Time Log Session view to °F.  If you select the View Logged Data option, a box will open with two tabs.  The first tab (Criteria) has the date range fields, and the second tab (Misc. Settings) has a pull-down menu to select the temperature scale.  If you have additional questions, you can email us at temperaturesupport@flukecal.com to open a support ticket.

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