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Hi All

anyway to generate the "reference list" (any format, text, csv, etc ...) for my procedures (automated standards as per the various FSCs and manual standards as per the STD FSC) ? 





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James Steeds

You could query this from the database for all procedures that have saved result sets, like this:


USE metteam 
SELECT DISTINCT p.cprocedurename         'Procedure Name', 
                standards.cmanufacturer + ' ' 
                + standards.cmodelnumber + ' ' 
                + standards.cdescription 'Standards Used' 
FROM   vw_callsheets cs 
       LEFT JOIN vw_procedures p 
              ON cs.nprocedureuid = p.nprocedureuid 
       LEFT JOIN callsheetstandardlink cssl 
              ON ( cs.ncallsheetuid = cssl.ncallsheetuid 
                   AND cssl.ldeleted = 0 
                   AND cssl.lactive <> 0 ) 
       LEFT JOIN vw_assets standards 
              ON cssl.nassetuid = standards.nassetuid 
WHERE  standards.nassetuid IS NOT NULL 
       AND p.cprocedurename IS NOT NULL 
ORDER  BY p.cprocedurename ASC 
You could put this into a crysal report.  It doesn't pick up on FSC's as you mentioned, but it does tell you which standards are used for which procedures.
Mirko Ortolina

Great James, your solution is really brilliant !

What Met/Cal does miss now, in term of absolute "reverse traceability", is the opportunity to add ' tools ' as real entities and not just mentions via a DISP FSC.

Thanks a lot again, didn't think to look for the info from the far side of the moon ...

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