while loop for n evaluations

Good Morning. I am trying to do n amount of data, everything is in a while loop. Is there a way to change the step number? Or does it change within the while loop?

I hope you can support me, I am using a translator and I am new to met / cal.

1.026 WHILE (cont <= n_gag)

################ Celdas fila 1
# Seleccionar Columna A, Valor Nominal
1.027 MATH ColA = "A"
1.028 MATH myCell = ColA & cecont
1.029 LIB COM selectedCell = worksheet.Range[myCell];
1.030 LIB selectedCell.Select();
1.031 MATH nom=0
1.032 LIB nom=selectedCell.FormulaR1C1;
1.033 MATH MEM = nom

# Seleccionar Columna B, Valor Actual
1.034 MATH ColB = "B"
1.035 MATH myCell = ColB & cecont
1.036 LIB COM selectedCell = worksheet.Range[myCell];
1.037 LIB selectedCell.Select();
1.038 MATH act=0
1.039 LIB act=selectedCell.FormulaR1C1;
1.040 MATH MEM1 = act

# Seleccionar Columna C, Incertidumbre CMC
1.041 MATH ColC = "C"
1.042 MATH myCell = ColC & cecont
1.043 LIB COM selectedCell = worksheet.Range[myCell];
1.044 LIB selectedCell.Select();
1.045 MATH Inc=0
1.046 LIB Inc=selectedCell.FormulaR1C1;
1.047 MATH M[1] = Inc

# Seleccionar Columna D, Tolerancia Gauge
1.048 MATH ColD = "D"
1.049 MATH myCell = ColD & cecont
1.050 LIB COM selectedCell = worksheet.Range[myCell];
1.051 LIB selectedCell.Select();
1.052 MATH Tol=0
1.053 LIB Tol=selectedCell.FormulaR1C1;
1.054 MATH M[2] =Tol

#1.055 DISP [V Name] Valor Nom [MEM]
# 1.055 DISP [V Act] Valor Real [MEM1]
#1.055 DISP [V Inc] Valor Incert [M1]
#1.055 DISP [V Tol] Valor Tol [M2]

1.055 TARGET
1.056 MATH MEM1 = nom
1.057 ACC 'in' M1U
1.058 MATH MEM = act
1.059 MEMCX 'in' -M2U

2.001 TARGET
2.002 MATH cont = cont + 1
2.003 MATH cecont = cecont + 1
#2.003 MATH MEM = cont

2.004 MATH indice=2
2.005 ENDW


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Rene Buske

Hello Diego,

each evaluation needs own database step, otherwise only the latest is recorded. So you need to call a sub procedure, that is doing the job for you. I would use also your reading of the excel file in a different way as  Structure of an Array at start. So it is more reliable. But this is another point. Here I made your sample as you can get it working:

Keep in mind if you need a value in database(measurement evaluation) you need a new step for it. Keep it simple - it is METCAL, not a coding language;)  Ping me if you need further help: calhelp.de

Diego Mazariegos

@Rene Buske.

I appreciate the support.
I was hoping to be able to put everything in a loop and avoid excess code, it is an excellent idea to use arrays, I will work on it.
one more question, is it possible to create a file opening window?

Rene Buske

> is it possible to create a file opening window?


yes you can do. Use dos fsc to start a windows batch to use windows open form. I work since years with such system. With dosdose.dat you can get the choosen path back from batch to metcal variable. This works very stable and is easy.

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